Most improved competition from SquashLevels, Kentbridge Sports and England Squash - Ben Harrison in the lead on 87%! Details here.
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Finchley Manor boxes from 18-Feb-2017 to 30-Mar-2017


Matches to be played on or before 30-Mar-2017. 2 days remaining. Matches played: 149.

Contact with any queries or if you want to join or leave the boxes next time. 

Box 1

PositionName Level Orestis PanagiotopoulosNick JamesYoav CaspiAllan McKenzie - HicksonJonny MoshiPaul Christou Points 
1Orestis Panagiotopoulos20661333324
2Nick James234533 3320
3Yoav Caspi16551133 14
4Allan McKenzie - Hickson13511 23313
5Jonny Moshi13180202312
6Paul Christou115300 228

Box 2

PositionName Level Mohammad KhosraviRick PriorAntony KearnsBruce CadeMark RyderMarcus Plows Points 
7Mohammad Khosravi1216W33 319
8Rick Prior1607O33 W14
9Antony Kearns11641131213
10Bruce Cade1254212  8
11Mark Ryder1425  3  5
12Marcus Plows9760O3  5

Box 3

PositionName Level Tim DurhamMark DynanFergus TraynorRients Jan VeldkampDan BerelowitzGreg Walsh Points 
13Tim Durham11883333 21
14Mark Dynan10601333 17
15Fergus Traynor9751223 13
16Rients Jan Veldkamp9251132 11
17Dan Berelowitz8160013 8
18Greg Walsh936     0

Box 4

PositionName Level Stephen LeekeGareth MeeRichard SuchetThomas WagnerPaul HutterChris Yiannakas Points 
19Stephen Leeke10583333325
20Gareth Mee9620233322
21Richard Suchet8371313W17
22Thomas Wagner8172033 13
23Paul Hutter6680012 7
24Chris Yiannakas79120O  4

Box 5

PositionName Level Keith BennettNedj DjemalAndrew WoodendChris HarrisonKeith JordanNigel Moss Points 
25Keith Bennett10133333328
26Nedj Djemal8730323321
27Andrew Woodend8400033319
28Chris Harrison7771313317
29Keith Jordan6641101 7
30Nigel Moss6160002 6

Box 6

PositionName Level David NeviesPaul RaePaul ChrysaphiadesWilliam PriorPaul DavisonRob Cannavo Points 
31David Nevies533313  11
32Paul Rae5102  3 9
33Paul Chrysaphiades6713    5
34William Prior3431    2
35Paul Davison608 0   1
36Rob Cannavo806     0

Box 7

PositionName Level Deji MakanjuolaDuncan AllardyceDavid WhiterPaul HensmanJames MorrisOliver Brooks Points 
37Deji Makanjuola7273333 20
38Duncan Allardyce6421333 18
39David Whiter565213  9
40Paul Hensman516112009
41James Morris53400 3 8
42Oliver Brooks602   3 6

Box 8

PositionName Level Ross CunninghamReece DizenzoJonathan SpalterAbhijit ChandgadkarIrvin GoldKushal Shah Points 
43Ross Cunningham554 333 14
44Reece Dizenzo572 3 3 10
45Jonathan Spalter4421003 10
46Abhijit Chandgadkar5881 3  8
47Irvin Gold474220  7
48Kushal Shah597     0

Box 9

PositionName Level Daniel RabbieRobin MaceAdrian SpoonerHarry DaviesMalcolm WalshBrendan McCann Points 
49Daniel Rabbie599 333W21
50Robin Mace491 133318
51Adrian Spooner538033 W15
52Harry Davies4181113W15
53Malcolm Walsh36101 1311
54Brendan McCann366O0OO02

Box 10

PositionName Level Alan EldridgePeter CreaghJulian CorbettMatt WilsonDaniel McCabeClive Bowman Points 
55Alan Eldridge4463333328
56Peter Creagh4352333323
57Julian Corbett323013  7
58Matt Wilson254002  5
59Daniel McCabe41702   4
60Clive Bowman42401   3

Box 11

PositionName Level Reno SavvaPeter HughesMark HorowitzJulian MannMichael LevyStephen Brook Points 
61Reno Savva48533 3321
62Peter Hughes490123O317
63Mark Horowitz4121203317
64Julian Mann384 033 13
65Michael Levy3191W00313
66Stephen Brook382001 16

Box 12

PositionName Level Spencer DebsonArjan VirdiRay WatsonChris LockieNikhil VaswaniMichael O'Connell Points 
67Spencer Debson354223 317
68Arjan Virdi34323 3W17
69Ray Watson290221 W12
70Chris Lockie3111 3 W11
71Nikhil Vaswani332 0  36
72Michael O'Connell2860OOO13

Box 13

PositionName Level Jonathan HymanSharon VirdiDaniel Carlton-ConwayJustin MarshallJosh Kleiman Points 
73Jonathan Hyman35533  11
74Sharon Virdi2810 3311
75Daniel Carlton-Conway2741 3210
76Justin Marshall259 11310
77Josh Kleiman259 1307

Box 14

PositionName Level Mike ColyerHenry GeenRichard SearbyMarcus GallowayHarinder Grewal Points 
78Mike Colyer25632 315
79Henry Geen2000 3 6
80Richard Searby2923   4
81Marcus Galloway223 1  2
82Harinder Grewal1430   1

Box 15

PositionName Level Alex SearleRobert PearlmanJono GrayDeepak ChandiRichard Hale Points 
83Alex Searle18433  10
84Robert Pearlman1660W3 9
85Jono Gray1832O3 8
86Deepak Chandi190 21 5
87Richard Hale160    0

Box 16

PositionName Level Diarmuid RedicanJonny LandauDavid BrillHoward RobinsonIrving Silverman Points 
88Diarmuid Redican140W33 14
89Jonny Landau145O23 9
90David Brill13623  7
91Howard Robinson7300  2
92Irving Silverman108    0

If you have a '*' by your name it means you have not played enough games and will be removed from the boxes next time. After that you will appear in the list below. To remove the '*', just play a game!

Not playing (removed after 6 months)

 Last positionPlayerLevel
 8Aarjan Snoek1110
 9Nigel Leach1399
 28Peter Stern1046
 33Michael Mann700
 39John Cohen593
 48Mahesh Tailor765
 57Jared Ovsiowitz600
 69Ron Raye428
 73Jeff Hallifax269
 76Berge Kay240
 84Jonathan Ufland228
 84Mitesh Shah231
 86Tom Morris256
 86Chris Hopkins234
 90Lewis HallumsTBD
 90Yvonne Brown164
 90Anthony Tejuoso152
 90Kane Woodend127
 91Ben Jacobs160
 91Joss Bogod117

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