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Matches to be played on or before 31-May-2024. 8 days remaining. Matches played: 36.

Contact with any queries or if you want to join or leave the boxes next time. 

Box 1

PositionName Level TTDJCDACMRL Points 
1Tom Tuite Dalton1XXX322 11
2Jill Campion1XXX22 311
3Dan Andrews1XXX33  10
4Chris Morris1XXX3   5
5Rick Legget9XX 0  1

Box 2

PositionName Level SDTBJRTMRL Points 
6Steve Dance9XX 23W12
7Tim Budden1XXX 33 10
8Jim Reay1XXX30  6
9Thomas Moore1XXX21  5
10Richard Little1XXXO   0

Box 3

PositionName Level SGABGBPRNT Points 
11Stefan Gyoker8XX303316
12Andy Ball6XX0 3 6
13George Brind1XXX3   5
14Peter Rivers5XX20  4
15Neal Thomas7XX0   1

Box 4

PositionName Level JSRGJROCBC Points 
16Jason Street1XXX 33315
17Richard Ginty7XX 33 10
18James Rowson5XX003 7
19Oliver Collin4XX000 3
20Barry Carson4XX0   1

Box 5

PositionName Level SMDNBRJMME Points 
21Sean Massie4XX333 15
22Duncan Nightingale4XX13  7
23Brian Rosier3XX02  4
24James Mortimer3XX2   3
25Miles Edwards4XX    0

Box 6

PositionName Level RERORMARLC Points 
26Richard Esau2XX303316
27Ray Owens2XX0 3311
28Ron Marsh2XX3 3 10
29Alistair Robbie2XX101 5
30Louis Chapman1XX01  3

Box 7

PositionName Level JAHQASSLLHSOMK Points 
31Joseph Allen3XX333   15
32Henry Quarton1XX03    6
33Alastair Sibley1XX00    2
34Sarah Leach1XX0     1
35Laura Hayes7X      0
36Shane Okeeffe *1XX      0
37Mila Ko *1XX      0

If you have a '*' by your name it means you have not played enough games and will be removed from the boxes next time. After that you will appear in the list below. To remove the '*', just play a game!

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