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Rodmersham Box League from 11-Nov-2018 to 31-Dec-2018

All Matches Best of 5 PAR (Point A Rally) to 11 scoring - 2 clear at 10-10

Matches to be played on or before 31-Dec-2018. 14 days remaining. Matches played: 22.

Contact thesquashclub@live.com with any queries or if you want to join or leave the boxes next time. 

Box 1

PositionName Level Log in for
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Tom WoodsMartin ClarkEdward HenleyNeil BakerSam Henley Points 
1Tom Woods41013   3
2Martin Clark34671   1
3Edward Henley4395    0
4Neil Baker6686    0
5Sam Henley5213    0

Box 2

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Dave HanslowNeville SearsChris SalterClive MorrisRichard Clarke Points 
6Dave Hanslow1288112 4
7Neville Sears15293   3
8Chris Salter20193   3
9Clive Morris12853   3
10Richard Clarke2101    0

Box 3

PositionName Level Log in for
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Geoff BewTrevor BarnettDamien CassinJordan WellerPeter Matthews Points 
11Geoff Bew943303 6
12Trevor Barnett9351 3 4
13Damien Cassin13873   3
14Jordan Weller88012  3
15Peter Matthews1106    0

Box 4

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contact details
Peter SnellingAndy HolbournHenry KitneyDean WoodEmmet Quealy Points 
16Peter Snelling634    0
17Andy Holbourn669    0
18Henry Kitney1133    0
19Dean Wood729    0
20Emmet Quealy993    0

Box 5

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Jason ForsterAngie WhiteHarrison WadhamsAndy ChrascinaMichael James Points 
21Jason Forster110325 310
22Angie White86333  6
23Harrison Wadhams74102  2
24Andy ChrascinaTBD    0
25Michael James6420   0

Box 6

PositionName Level Log in for
contact details
Colin SeymourJim GiffordTony BrowningChristian KellyNigel Baker Points 
26Colin Seymour672    0
27Jim Gifford402    0
28Tony Browning483    0
29Christian Kelly401    0
30Nigel Baker380    0

Box 7

PositionName Level Log in for
contact details
Bob FieldLarry WilliamsonMatt LowMatt HazeltonJames Padgett Points 
31Bob Field4282   2
32Larry Williamson4292   2
33Matt Low857    0
34Matt Hazelton519    0
35James Padgett396    0

Box 8

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contact details
Harlee FinucaneBarry RobertsLuan WoodsNicola KellyLaura Woods Points 
36Harlee Finucane315323 8
37Barry Roberts3242 3 5
38Luan Woods3672  24
39Nicola Kelly30322  4
40Laura Woods390  3 3

Box 9

PositionName Level Log in for
contact details
Giorgiana StevensMike DennyLois WoodsEdward PlumptreLuca Stevens Points 
41Giorgiana Stevens2204  59
42Mike Denny14110 56
43Lois Woods274 3  3
44Edward Plumptre247    0
45Luca Stevens7900  0

If you have a '*' by your name it means you have not played enough games and will be removed from the boxes next time. After that you will appear in the list below. To remove the '*', just play a game!

Not playing (removed from this list after 6 months)

 22Gary Clarke 1603
 22Lee Johnson 1077
 32Rick Spalding 451
 39Lewis Mitchell 289
 41Kelly Hawkins 276
 41Marisa Swingler 271
 45Martina Stevens TBD
 45George Neal 400
 45George Holbourn 947
 45Stephen Downard 309
 45Alison Bradshaw 291
 45James Costello 534
 45Iain Hall TBD
 45Iain Hall TBD
 45Harry Deverill TBD
 45Allan Mathews 182
 45Ben Wellfair 216
 45Simon Page 250
 46Dave Chapman 701
 46Mandy Hatch 497

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