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Rodmersham Box League from 1-Jun-2018 to 30-Jun-2018

Matches to be played on or before 30-Jun-2018. 10 days remaining. Matches played: 5.

Contact henry.kitney@live.co.uk with any queries or if you want to join or leave the boxes next time. 

Box 1

PositionName Level Log in for
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Damien CassinDave HanslowPeter MatthewsGeorge HolbournGeoff Bew Points 
1Damien Cassin13254  410
2Dave Hanslow1212114 9
3Peter Matthews1181 4  5
4George Holbourn1090 1  2
5Geoff Bew9011   2

Box 2

PositionName Level Log in for
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Clive MorrisDean WoodTrevor BarnettHenry KitneyPeter Snelling Points 
6Clive Morris12264   5
7Dean Wood8471   2
8Trevor Barnett879    0
9Henry Kitney1627    0
10Peter Snelling613    0

Box 3

PositionName Level Log in for
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Gary ClarkeJason ForsterTony BrowningJordan WellerLee Johnson Points 
11Gary Clarke1699    0
12Jason Forster1072    0
13Tony Browning542    0
14Jordan Weller1112    0
15Lee Johnson1087    0

Box 4

PositionName Level Log in for
contact details
Angie WhiteMatt LowJim GiffordRick SpaldingBob Field Points 
16Angie White881    0
17Matt Low868    0
18Jim Gifford382    0
19Rick Spalding450    0
20Bob Field460    0

Box 5

PositionName Level Log in for
contact details
Barry RobertsLarry WilliamsonDave ChapmanChristian KellyNigel Baker Points 
21Barry Roberts315    0
22Larry Williamson445    0
23Dave Chapman643    0
24Christian Kelly325    0
25Nigel Baker379    0

Box 6

PositionName Level Log in for
contact details
Matt HazeltonMandy HatchJames PadgettStephen DownardKelly Hawkins Points 
26Matt Hazelton502    0
27Mandy Hatch498    0
28James Padgett367    0
29Stephen Downard314    0
30Kelly Hawkins265    0

Box 7

PositionName Level Log in for
contact details
Lewis MitchellSimon PageMarisa SwinglerAlison BradshawGiorgiana Stevens Points 
31Lewis Mitchell275    0
32Simon Page249    0
33Marisa Swingler275    0
34Alison Bradshaw310    0
35Giorgiana Stevens214    0

Box 8

PositionName Level Log in for
contact details
Edward PlumptreAllan MathewsMartina StevensHarry DeverillIain Hall Points 
36Edward Plumptre263    0
37Allan Mathews181    0
38Martina StevensTBD    0
39Harry DeverillTBD    0
40Iain HallTBD    0

If you have a '*' by your name it means you have not played enough games and will be removed from the boxes next time. After that you will appear in the list below. To remove the '*', just play a game!

Not playing (removed from this list after 6 months)

 8Andy Holbourn 813
 14Harrison Wadhams 690
 16Tom Woods 4196
 16Tony Wells 748
 16Dan Brown 1687
 24Mark Hobday 2093
 27Phil Harris 243
 29Richard Henley 1172
 31Mike Denny 211
 32Gavin Humphrey 342
 32Aden Woodcock 495
 32Jacob Manser 216
 34Ari Davey TBD
 34Amy Willmott 151
 34Neal Brignall Slann 184
 34Steve Witt TBD
 36Nicola Kelly 265
 37Warren Long 142
 37Dave Kent 285
 37Caroline Dormedy TBD
 40George Neal 401

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