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Finchley Manor boxes from 10-Mar-2018 to 19-Apr-2018


Matches to be played on or before 19-Apr-2018. 33 days remaining. Matches played: 1.

Contact squash.ladders@finchleymanor.com with any queries or if you want to join or leave the boxes next time. 

Box 1

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Nicolas JamesAllan McKenzie-HicksonOrestis PanagiotopoulosPaul ChristouShaun BudlenderDarren Spalding Points 
1Nicolas James22873    5
2Allan McKenzie-Hickson17611    2
3Orestis Panagiotopoulos1734     0
4Paul Christou1249     0
5Shaun Budlender1347     0
6Darren Spalding2010     0

Box 2

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Mark DynanRick PriorJonny MoshiMark RyderBruce CadeSimon Durkin Points 
7Mark Dynan1198     0
8Rick Prior1439     0
9Jonny Moshi1156     0
10Mark Ryder1378     0
11Bruce Cade1065     0
12Simon Durkin1442     0

Box 3

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Thomas WagnerAntony KearnsStephen LeekeMohammad Ahmad KhosraviAbhijit ChandgadkarGareth Mee Points 
13Thomas Wagner1013     0
14Antony Kearns1004     0
15Stephen Leeke914     0
16Mohammad Ahmad Khosravi859     0
17Abhijit Chandgadkar926     0
18Gareth Mee923     0

Box 4

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Keith BennettDamian CannonRichard SuchetNedj DjemalMarcus PlowsTim Durham Points 
19Keith Bennett1006     0
20Damian Cannon941     0
21Richard Suchet1008     0
22Nedj Djemal944     0
23Marcus Plows953     0
24Tim Durham950     0

Box 5

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Paul HutterKeith JordanDavid NeviesReece DizenzoGreg WalshChris Yiannakas Points 
25Paul Hutter630     0
26Keith Jordan730     0
27David Nevies676     0
28Reece Dizenzo811     0
29Greg Walsh760     0
30Chris Yiannakas662     0

Box 6

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Andrew WoodendPeter SternNigel MossOliver BrooksDeji MakanjuolaRoss Cunningham Points 
31Andrew Woodend709     0
32Peter Stern836     0
33Nigel Moss655     0
34Oliver Brooks650     0
35Deji Makanjuola615     0
36Ross Cunningham675     0

Box 7

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James MorrisDaniel RabbieMahesh TailorAdrian SpoonerPaul HensmanKushal Shah Points 
37James Morris564     0
38Daniel Rabbie527     0
39Mahesh Tailor579     0
40Adrian Spooner488     0
41Paul Hensman510     0
42Kushal Shah500     0

Box 8

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Paul RaeDavid WhiterMark HorowitzRishi KanjaniJonathan SpalterPaul Davison Points 
43Paul Rae412     0
44David Whiter494     0
45Mark Horowitz526     0
46Rishi Kanjani318     0
47Jonathan Spalter401     0
48Paul Davison497     0

Box 9

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Peter CreaghBrendan McCannDaniel SandersAlan EldridgeIrvin GoldAnish Malhan Points 
49Peter Creagh384     0
50Brendan McCann401     0
51Daniel Sanders496     0
52Alan Eldridge433     0
53Irvin Gold372     0
54Anish Malhan372     0

Box 10

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Andy RoseRobin MaceSammy LovatLewis HallumsNeil HamburgerAnthony Abrahams Points 
55Andy Rose299     0
56Robin Mace383     0
57Sammy Lovat440     0
58Lewis Hallums389     0
59Neil Hamburger293     0
60Anthony Abrahams390     0

Box 11

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Sharon VirdiMalcolm WalshSpencer DebsonDavid BrillStephen BrookJulian Mann Points 
61Sharon Virdi433     0
62Malcolm Walsh372     0
63Spencer Debson290     0
64David Brill244     0
65Stephen Brook361     0
66Julian Mann293     0

Box 12

PositionName Level Log in for
contact details
Benjy MossDan EltonRay WatsonChris LockieAlex SearleSasha Risner Points 
67Benjy Moss346     0
68Dan Elton251     0
69Ray Watson265     0
70Chris Lockie264     0
71Alex Searle209     0
72Sasha Risner265     0

Box 13

PositionName Level Log in for
contact details
Michael O'ConnellJosh KleimanTom MorrisIan StoneJudith HarrisRichard Searby Points 
73Michael O'Connell250     0
74Josh Kleiman240     0
75Tom Morris223     0
76Ian Stone191     0
77Judith Harris227     0
78Richard Searby211     0

Box 14

PositionName Level Log in for
contact details
Daniel Carlton-ConwayKuldip ShergillJonathan RosenblattMike ColyerDiarmuid RedicanAdam Benjamin Points 
79Daniel Carlton-Conway210     0
80Kuldip Shergill180     0
81Jonathan Rosenblatt184     0
82Mike Colyer198     0
83Diarmuid Redican109     0
84Adam Benjamin165     0

Box 15

PositionName Level Log in for
contact details
Theo CohenRobert PearlmanHoward RobinsonMelissa BoyarsIrving Silverman Points 
85Theo Cohen195    0
86Robert Pearlman133    0
87Howard Robinson62    0
88Melissa Boyars165    0
89Irving Silverman97    0

If you have a '*' by your name it means you have not played enough games and will be removed from the boxes next time. After that you will appear in the list below. To remove the '*', just play a game!

Not playing (removed from this list after 6 months)

 28Alex Lewis 1192
 34Chris Harrison 905
 36Thomas Walker 667
 36Rob Cannavo 776
 43Paul Chrysaphiades 601
 43Duncan Allardyce 562
 43Greg Newman 638
 52Clare Mariner 614
 54Clive Bowman 382
 55John Cohen 488
 63Ron Raye 393
 68Henry Geen 247
 68Harry Davies 377
 70Justin Marshall 246
 70Arjan Virdi 434
 70Michael Levy 299
 70Matt Wilson 294
 71Anthony Jeans 248
 78Jonathan Hyman 311
 83Jeff Hallifax 237
 87Nathan Leigh 158
 87Richard Hale 112
 87Jonathan Ufland 205
 89Simon Brill 97
 90Jono Gray 160

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