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West Kent Area Junior League from 4-Feb-2018 to 4-Feb-2018

Next event is at Limpsfield Lawn Tennis & Squash Club, Detillens Lane, RH8 0DH

Matches to be played on or before 4-Feb-2018. 18 days remaining. Matches played: 0.

Contact westkentleagues@gmail.com with any queries or if you want to join or leave the boxes next time. 

Box 1

PositionNameClub Level Tommy ThakePolly CoxeterOscar GriffinTimmy SkopetsLuka Middleton Points 
1Tommy ThakeCranbrook1272    0
2Polly CoxeterCranbrook672    0
3Oscar GriffinLimpsfield989    0
4Timmy SkopetsPoult Wood550    0
5Luka MiddletonLimpsfield922    0

Box 2

PositionNameClub Level Ailsa BruceAlex VenterMax RhodesWill VickeryLucy Vines Points 
6Ailsa BruceLimpsfield499    0
7Alex VenterLimpsfield405    0
8Max RhodesJudd School415    0
9Will VickeryPoult Wood425    0
10Lucy VinesLimpsfield644    0

Box 3

PositionNameClub Level Todd HortonRyan MarshallLuke McBrideAlfie PeacockJake Usherwood Points 
11Todd HortonPoult Wood468    0
12Ryan MarshallTunbridge Wells378    0
13Luke McBrideLimpsfield262    0
14Alfie PeacockPoult Wood393    0
15Jake UsherwoodPoult Wood337    0

Box 4

PositionNameClub Level Hansraj RamlaganDillon HobbsBen ApplebyAnnelie HakfeltJames Harle Points 
16Hansraj RamlaganTunbridge Wells425    0
17Dillon HobbsWells376    0
18Ben ApplebyPoult Wood225    0
19Annelie HakfeltTunbridge Wells245    0
20James HarlePoult Wood210    0

Box 5

PositionNameClub Level Sebastian WrightMax McConachieHarrison RhodesJosh ButlerNeave Bruce Points 
21Sebastian WrightJudd School248    0
22Max McConachieTunbridge Wells252    0
23Harrison RhodesJudd School234    0
24Josh ButlerPoult Wood238    0
25Neave BruceLimpsfield174    0

Box 6

PositionNameClub Level Matthew LiuMathilda Nelson SmithBen ClarkTara RadiaThomas Neale Points 
26Matthew LiuJudd School167    0
27Mathilda Nelson SmithLimpsfield120    0
28Ben ClarkWells188    0
29Tara RadiaTunbridge Wells131    0
30Thomas NealeTunbridge Wells170    0

Box 7

PositionNameClub Level Julia VinesFreddie HakfeltDevan RadiaMax WalkerWilliam Ainsworth Points 
31Julia VinesLimpsfield107    0
32Freddie HakfeltTunbridge Wells157    0
33Devan RadiaTunbridge Wells97    0
34Max WalkerPoult Wood106    0
35William AinsworthLimpsfield131    0

Box 8

PositionNameClub Level Giles OliverBen UsherwoodGus KingdonAnnabel HeadOliver Head Points 
36Giles OliverLimpsfield97    0
37Ben UsherwoodPoult Wood101    0
38Gus KingdonTunbridge Wells89    0
39Annabel HeadTunbridge Wells107    0
40Oliver HeadTunbridge Wells79    0

Box 9

PositionNameClub Level Isaac BanhamArchie MaudeJack AuldJames WilliamsGeorge Botha Points 
41Isaac BanhamPoult Wood102    0
42Archie MaudeJudd School96    0
43Jack AuldTunbridge Wells70    0
44James WilliamsPoult Wood79    0
45George BothaLimpsfield56    0

Box 10

PositionNameClub Level Seb BruceJasper CowperEdward MorrisAmie BothaAngus Carslake Points 
46Seb BruceLimpsfield57    0
47Jasper CowperTunbridge Wells59    0
48Edward Morris37    0
49Amie BothaLimpsfield40    0
50Angus CarslakeLimpsfieldTBD    0

If you have a '*' by your name it means you have not played enough games and will be removed from the boxes next time. After that you will appear in the list below. To remove the '*', just play a game!

Not playing (removed from this list after 6 months)

 1Jemima Morris 1209
 1Thomas Ballard 1558
 1Isabel McCullough 861
 1Ronnie Hickling 1067
 1Rachel Moss 824
 1Tristan Hayman 671
 2Henry McCullough 858
 2Ben Fleming 643
 3Will Morris 813
 3Anna Hooper 1050
 4Shashwat Kansal 755
 11Zachary Woolven 555
 12Adam Sparke 332
 13Edwin Sims 303
 14Edward Johnson 401
 15Olly Lewin 261
 15Ben Bigwood 327
 15Adam Williams 356
 26Dylan Buckley 122
 27Edward Marshall 128
 34Pia Shah 119
 36Matthew Bigwood 140
 39Max Buckley 63
 40Freddie Walker 71
 41Alex Rayment 59
 44Connor Beattie 60
 45Emma Hawthorne 59
 49Chris Scholes 23

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