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    Mid Kent Area Junior League from 30-Nov-2019 to 30-Nov-2019

    Matches to be played on or before 30-Nov-2019. 17 days remaining. Matches played: 0.

    Contact clairegoodayle@btinternet.com with any queries or if you want to join or leave the boxes next time. 

    Box 1

    PositionNameClub Level Luke MountAlex PollingtonHarrison SealMaddy HillSam Cox Points 
    1Luke MountMote1125    0
    2Alex PollingtonMote928    0
    3Harrison SealMote780    0
    4Maddy HillMote1230    0
    5Sam CoxMote435    0

    Box 2

    PositionNameClub Level Matthew McLaughlinLottie HillAlex PowellOliver Berwick Points 
    6Matthew McLaughlinMote433   0
    7Lottie HillMote395   0
    8Alex PowellCobdown183   0
    9Oliver BerwickMote222   0

    Box 3

    PositionNameClub Level Harry WhiteRebecca CoxEwan GrantSaull John Points 
    10Harry WhiteMote217   0
    11Rebecca CoxMote170   0
    12Ewan GrantMote160   0
    13Saull JohnCobdown225   0

    Box 4

    PositionNameClub Level Matt NealeElijah CliftonAshton ReadingFelix Oliver Points 
    14Matt NealeMaidstone149   0
    15Elijah CliftonMote129   0
    16Ashton ReadingCobdown122   0
    17Felix OliverMote135   0

    Box 5

    PositionNameClub Level Cameron HopeJeremy JacksonLyubi TinchevGeorge Saunders Points 
    18Cameron HopeMote132   0
    19Jeremy JacksonMote124   0
    20Lyubi TinchevMote106   0
    21George SaundersMote115   0

    Box 6

    PositionNameClub Level Daniel McLaughlinDaniel LinnellLilia CordreyKodi Horton Points 
    22Daniel McLaughlinMote154   0
    23Daniel LinnellMote110   0
    24Lilia CordreyMote150   0
    25Kodi HortonMote113   0

    Box 7

    PositionNameClub Level Hannah DunnillLeo BallBriony YoungArchie Fuller Points 
    26Hannah DunnillMote120   0
    27Leo BallMote108   0
    28Briony YoungMote104   0
    29Archie FullerMote88   0

    Box 8

    PositionNameClub Level George PrudenceOscar StaplesZain ButtJake Williams Points 
    30George PrudenceMote148   0
    31Oscar StaplesLimpsfield98   0
    32Zain ButtMote103   0
    33Jake Williams93   0

    Box 9

    PositionNameClub Level Luke BallCharlie RazeyCalean LauderLayton Reading Points 
    34Luke BallMote83   0
    35Charlie RazeyMote92   0
    36Calean LauderMote111   0
    37Layton ReadingCobdown68   0

    Box 10

    PositionNameClub Level Yusuf KalerNoah PennaAliyah ButtJude HollandsNick TinchevLucy Adorjan Points 
    38Yusuf KalerMote81     0
    39Noah PennaMote67     0
    40Aliyah ButtMote57     0
    41Jude HollandsMote42     0
    42Nick TinchevMote65     0
    43Lucy AdorjanCobdown32     0

    If you have a '*' by your name it means you have not played enough games and will be removed from the boxes next time. After that you will appear in the list below. To remove the '*', just play a game!

    Not playing (removed from this list after 6 months)

     6Luke Parmenter 694
     14Bailey Reading 140
     25Adam Thorpe 117
     25Hugo Johnson 96
     25Holly Simmons 95
     25Isaac Johnson 92
     29Cass Marshall 96
     33Violet Beaver 76
     33Aaron Kakel 75
     37Rose Beaver 42
     37Thomas Ingram 65
     39Mack Lintern 70
     39Isaac Young 38
     40Reuben Young 21
     41Emma Conner 64

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