Most Improved Competition

SquashLevels-Kentbridge-England Squash Most Improved Competition

Now finished - Ben Harrison is the winner!

Our winners!

Ben Harrison


I train at Coolhurst and Berkhamsted with with coaches Paul Carter and Adam Fuller. I am usually on court 3 or 4 times a week and try to mix up my training with solo sessions and squad training. I play in tournaments around the country and represent Middlesex, and London & the South East region. I enjoy watching the PSA tour and taking inspiration from the top players and also training with my brother when he is in the U.K. In the last few months I haven't played in many tournaments but have aimed to work on my technique and overall game, and was very happy (and surprised) to find out I had won this competition.

Ben wins a fabulous Harrow Racket from Kentbridge Sports, a 'Day like a pro' from the England Squash High Performance team in Manchester and a fab SquashLevels mug.

Ian Quarterman

Awaiting comments and photo

Ian wins a Dunlop Biometric Tour Backpack from England and a fab SquashLevels mug.

Luke Howells

Awaiting comments and photo

Luke wins a box of 12 squash balls from England Squash and a fab SquashLevels mug.

Contratulations and kudos to our top three improvers!


Thanks to the generosity of Kentbridge Sports and England Squash, the prizes on offer are:

  • 1st place - two amazing prizes!:
    • A rather fabulous Harrow Racket from Kentbridge Sports
    • A 'day like a pro' with England Squash's elite performance coaching team at the National Squash Centre in Manchester with coaching, match play, sports psychology and advice on nutrition.
  • 2nd place - a Dunlop Biometric Tour Backpack.
  • 3rd place - a box of 12 squash balls.

All three deserving winners will also receive an amazing - not available in the shops - SquashLevels coffee mug as well as being 'on the radar' of England Squash and, of course, the kudos of all their friends!

Qualification rules

  • You must have at least 5 results on SquashLevels over the last twelve months before the start date.
  • The results must be genuine - walkovers, fabricated wins etc. don't count! They will be vetted.
  • Your starting level must be genuine. It can sometimes be inaccurate for new players so this will also be checked for the top contenders and will be sorted out long before the end of the competition. This is why we also need you to have at least 5 results already on the system.
  • You must have had a level of at least 1000 at the start of the competition. This restricts the competition to relatively experienced players who therefore have to work that much harder to improve!
  • You must either be an English player or have an England Squash membership number on the system. This competition is sponsored by England Squash! Note if you have an ES membership number which is not on the system please let us know and we'll enter it for you.

Competition period and included matches

The competition will start on 1st January 2017 and end with the second half of the season on 14th April 2017 so it starts soon! All matches on SquashLevels count but be aware that much greater weighting is given to event matches, followed by league matches followed by box matches followed by personal challenges. The histories of the top contenders will be checked so surprisingly good results will be examined closely as the end of the competition nears and it hots up.

To win

  • The winner will be the most improved player over the course of the second half of the season from 1st January 2017 to the end of Friday, 14th April.
  • The system will generate the list of the most improved players automatically every night based on the received results. The winner will be the player at the top of this automatically generated list at the end of that day.

Announcing the winners

The winner and runners up will be posted on the SquashLevels website using the usual yellow banner. We will get in touch with them and hopefully extract a few words of widsom on how they've improved so much and add all that to this page to inspire you!


For those players on resultszone we will do what we can to get your results into SquashLevels but the download is intermittant at best and we cannot guarantee that you will be included. Apologies. Please refer to your resultszone administrators for assistance there.

Click here to find out more about Kentbridge Sports and the fabulous Harrow Racket.