Events played - Thomas Whiteway, since 16-May-2018

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    Weighting determines how much effect each result from that event affects a player's ranking.
    If sanctioned, playing in this event enables players to be listed in the premium rankings.

    Event Matches  Last match date  Level range  Weighting  Sanctioned
    Club match166223-May-201978 - 22475 
    Isle of Man IOMSRA Finals League 2018-2019529-Apr-20191552 - 7947 
    Isle of Man Graded 20193926-Apr-2019276 - 4715 
    ETC 20192726-Apr-2019138 - 12613 
    Isle of Man Winter League 2018/197905-Apr-201991 - 8164 
    Kent Kings Open 201910424-Mar-2019257 - 30224 
    Isle of Man Utmost Wealth Solutions Championships 20199215-Mar-2019190 - 8222 
    Isle of Man Iom Elite Players 20194613-Jan-2019863 - 6473 
    Isle of Man Douglas Open 20187816-Nov-2018215 - 6448 
    Manx Pronto Dave Karran Memorial Tournament 20181314-Sep-2018237 - 4255 
    Isle of Man Manx Pronto Dave Karran Memorial Tournament 20185513-Sep-2018238 - 3847