Events played - Mike Wardle, since 12-Jan-2018

    Click on the event to see the all the player levels at the end of that event.
    Weighting determines how much effect each result from that event affects a player's ranking.
    If sanctioned, playing in this event enables players to be listed in the premium rankings.

    Event Matches  Last match date  Level range  Weighting  Sanctioned
    Club match198224-Mar-201914 - 23338 
    Surrey Vets Winter 2018/19110623-Mar-2019331 - 7978 
    Berkshire Winter League 2018/2019138021-Mar-2019191 - 16194 
    Surrey Winter League 2018/19378020-Mar-2019323 - 36633 
    Surrey Summer League 2018283611-Sep-2018403 - 22332 
    Berkshire Summer League 201897230-Aug-2018398 - 13610 
    Berkshire Mens Closed Tournament 201851-Jul-2018976 - 3908 
    Surrey Vets Winter 2017/184775-May-2018461 - 8735 
    Berkshire Winter League 2017/201860219-Apr-2018227 - 17224 
    Surrey Winter League 2017/18158517-Mar-2018153 - 33959